Haida Gwaii Educational Series


it happened a short time ago
edited 2011 by
Todd DeVries
Giihlgiigaa Tsiij Git’anee

It has been recognized that an appreciation of the history and tradition wherein we live is basic to an understanding of national and even international concepts. Fortunately, today, it is relatively easy for students and teachers to obtain access to the past via journals, logs and other digital records essential as background information, thanks to Google and other search engines.

It is anticipated that this series of websites and research, will go a long way toward providing an informed historical perspective, which has been relatively difficult prior to the internet. This series compiles information from various sources and weaves together that historical perspective designed to assist teachers and students, much like you would find in a paper book.

Áwaahl - it happened a short time ago. This also means, "it is over there," because the concept of time and space is collapsed into one concept of distance. This is because the past is perceived to be in front of us, and the future (which you can’t see) is behind us. Here is a little more about "Time". When we talk about the Past, we do not say “long time ago”. If it was only a short time ago, say 500 to 1,000 years we say “Awáahl” - it’s over there. If it was after the last Ice Age - Awáahl Gaagwíi and, before the Ice Came it is Wáatsgwaa Gaagwíi uu kwáangaang.  If it happened before we Came-Into-Being it is Tla Dlúu Gaagwíi - Over the Horizon. We know about it because either Raven told us about it or because of the special gift we were given; enabling us to go high above and see over the Horizon.