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Hlan Gwan (Klink Wan)

Hlan Gwan
(Klink Wan)


Haida totem pole of bear, 1904

Haida village, Klinkwan, September 6, 1910.

Haida village, Klinkwan,  September 6, 1910.

Haida totem poles and houses, Klinkwan, Alaska, ca. 1900-1909.

Beaver mortuary pole, 1918

Guskun (Kasaan)

Skowl Bay

Buildings and totem poles as seen from the beach, 1885

Kaigani Village of Kasa-an, as seen from the east, 1885

Kasa-an grave markers and totem poles, as seen from the beach, 1885

Kasa-an totem poles and house, 1885

Kaigani Village of Kasa-an, as seen from the water, 1885

People standing on beach with Haida totem poles and dwellings in background, Kasaan, ca. 1899





Haida home of chief named Sanhyte, at mouth of Karta stream, 1904.

Haida wood carving of whale grave totem, 1910.

Haida totem poles and houses, Kasaan, 1913

Haida man and boys stand inside Chief Sanhyte house, 1914.

Haida Chief Sonihat's totem pole relocated in Los Angeles, California

Haida Chief Sonihat's house frame, Kasaan, 1938.

Haida structure made with totem poles, Kasaan, 1915.

G̱awk’an (Howkan)

Long Island

Haida boys near totem poles, canoes and houses, 1897

grave totems, 1897

Haida village with totem poles and canoes, 1888

Haida totem poles, 1904

Haida totem poles in front of houses, 1906

Haida wooden eagle and human figures, Howkan village, Long Island, ca. 1925.


Haida Gwaii

Haida village with totem poles and canoes drawn up on the beach, 1900


Hik Taw Hundlaay, Haida Gwaii

Haida children pose in canoe in front of house

Established by the Haida people in 1911, Hydaburg has basically remained a Native community.  The economy there was based in fishing and timber.

Old Kasaan

Old Kasaan, or "beautiful town", was situated on Skowl Arm, Prince of Wales Island. Chief Skowl was a firm defender of Native customs against Russian Orthodox missionaries during Russian rule. At the end of the nineteenth century, Kasaan had seventeen lodges and sixty of the finest poles in Alaska, and was a favourite stop for summer tourists during the Gay '90s. It was set aside as a U.S. National Monument in 1907, and so proclaimed in 1916. Deserted and neglected, in 1954 the U.S. Government abolished its status as a National Monument and left the old site to the encroaching forest. (see http://www.civilization.ca for more info.)

Haida totem poles and lodges at the village of old Kasaan, ca. 1897.

Haida totem poles at Old Kasaan village site, ca. 1925